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  1. Sorry, but: Blah, blah, blah! You do NOT address the complaints and comments on this board:
    1. Your taking money months before shipping a product; that is NOT the way the world works, and certainly not the way anyone expects a clothing store to work. Switch to “billed when shipped”, like the rest of the world, and we won’t complain so loudly.
    2. Your frequent/consistent “missing” of promised ship dates.
    3. The lack of responsiveness by your company to customers (yes, you may be overwhelmed because of #’s 1 & 2).
    People on this board WANT to buy your pants. But we are instead “lost sales” because of the issues we see and hear about.

    1. I think you have us mistaken for someone else. WE don’t sell pants and only sell our items locally and take money when we hand over the gear. Sorry for your unfortunate experiences. Wish you well.

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